AsteraBox CRMX is the interface between lights and controller. It can be used as a wireless DMX transmitter with CRMX technology and also works as interface between app and lights. Its built-in battery enables an easy and time-saving setup, just like with all of Astera’s products.

Astera System 
A smart (bi-directional) control system where Infrared remote, wireless DMX and app work together to enable big setups that can be set up, monitored and adjusted in a fast and convenient way.

• Max. 20h
• App
• Wireless DMX

App Control (UHF) 

Control Lights 
Create complex programs out of colors, effects and settings. The lights will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link. Quickly create groups of lights, assign positions and select which lights should receive commands.

Monitor lights 
Keep a complete overview over the status and all settings of your lights while you operate them. View battery status, radio signal, DMX address and which lights you have targeted. Diagnose individual lights and even get informed if a light is being moved or switched off. This works while you control lights by the app but also if lights are controlled via DMX.

Set Up Faster 
Set DMX addresses and profiles for one light or several lights. 50 units can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. After your job, do a quick master reset of all settings and the lights are ready for the next event.

Wireless DMX (2.4GHz) 

The AsteraBox works as a wireless DMX transmitter; just connect it with the included XLR adapter to your DMX console and you can transmit 1 DMX universe with LumenRadio CRMX technology, the most stable wireless DMX protocol available.

Astera Lights can be controlled by LumenRadio CRMX transmitters and also by W-DMX from Wireless Solutions (up to G4S). Astera lights support both wireless DMX standards so you can use them together with almost all other wireless lights and transmitters.

IR Remote Control 
Simple commands like ON/OFF, colors, preloaded effects etc can be sent with our infrared remote control directly to the lights. When programming lights with the AsteraApp the IR remote can be used for confirming settings on individual lights.


Additional information

0.5 lbs (0.23kg)


Micro-USB for charging
3.5" jack for DMX input

Range: RF

300m RF range
500m CRMX range

10m Bluetooth range


72hrs (App usage)
16h (CRMX usage)


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