In an effort to avoid doing any real work, I was perusing Al Gore’s “internet”, and came across an interesting article from our friends over at “No Film School“.  Mark Toia, advertising photographer turned advertising cinematographer/director, gives us an interesting and informative look into his experiences and opinions of shooting 8K on the new RED Helium. I know FiveSix Productions already brought the Helium up, but this is pretty cool… I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Like Mr. Toia said, most people can’t tell the difference between 6K and 8K eithout some guidance and/or the proper screen/projector; and content trumps production quality at the end of the day, but the quality and improvement of 8K is very cool. Here’s his Vimeo page where you can let your eyes view some of his amazing work. F11 Rentals doesn’t have a Helium yet (can’t remember where I left my pot of gold), but we do have a fantastic RED Epic Dragon that will do some pretty sweet 6K… if that would work better than your iPhone…. Bill Aylward, looking at you buddy.