The unique Spider Pod enables the professional videographer to quickly and easily elevate their camera's viewpoint above crowds and obstructions. The tripod riser and the operator standing platform are 24" and 23" respectively, and can hold up to 200lbs and 300lbs respectively- so don't be afraid to add an external monitor, and an extra taco to your shoot.

The package folds up for easy transport, and only weighs 42 lbs in total- so even the skinny kid on set can carry it with ease. Additionally, the tripod riser and the standing platform are independent of each other, which means when you shift your weight, you won't be shaking the camera, which is invaluable when using those extra-long lenses.

At our affordable rates, you'll be sure to please the client by avoiding expensive house risers that, let's be honest, don't hold a candle to this awesome tool.

Package Includes:

  • Tripod Riser

  • Standing Platform