Schneider-KREUZNACH Cine-Xenar III Prime's Available

The Schneider Cine Primes are now available for your rental enjoyment! We are still waiting on our customized case from Jason Cases in North Carolina, but that should arrive any day. You however, don't have to wait to get your hands on these beauties. Reach out to Las Vegas' best video production rental house today and experience the unmatched quality and exceptional performance of what surely must be God's favorite cine primes!


**F11 Rentals and it's affiliates make no legitimate claim to know the preferences of any deity.

Gas, Grass, or Glass... No One Rides For Free!

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Hollywoodland, California; F11 Rental's proprietor was cruising back to Las Vegas, when he spotted a stranger on the side of the road. This stranger had his bindle and bowler hat, and was sepia in tone. With his free hand, the stranger motioned eastward with his thumb, hoping for a ride through the hot and desolate Mojave Desert. Perhaps feeling bad for the stranger, our proprietor pulled to the side of the road, while all other vehicles zoomed past the beleaguered man. 

The proprietor rolled his window down, "Where you heading?" "How far you going?" the stranger inquired. The proprietor chuckled, "Well, I'm headed to Vegas, but, the ride isn't free." The stranger looked a bit perplexed. "Gas, grass, or glass; no one rides for free." the proprietor said confidently. The stranger thought a moment, then, with a twinkle in his eye, reached into his bindle and pulled out six Schneider-KREUZNACH Cine-Xenar III prime lenses, "Will these get me to Vegas?" The proprietor grinned, "Saddle up, partner."

So, now we have an 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 95mm Schneider-KREUZNACH Cine-Xenar III lens- and they should be available for your rental enjoyment soon.

Exciting New Gear For Rent!

Cue the lights and music, draw back the curtains, and hang on to your seat... we have awesome new gear! The Benro MoveUp15 is a compact, versatile, easy-to-use jib that transports better than your favorite luggage. (And believe us, we know a thing or two about baggage... (we travel a lot).) The jib mounts easily on one of our larger tripods (Think Hercules), and holds one of our many 100mm ball heads. The MoveUp15 can handle up to 33 pounds of camera, and has a range of 75 to 109 inches. This jib will give you dope Hollywood moves, without the trouble of a full size jib and crew- how bout dat!? For your next Las Vegas video production, make sure to get the best video rental gear in Las Vegas, right here, at F11 Rentals. 

Holy Guacamole, It's Busy! #videoproduction #gripgear #greenscreen

Spring is a busy season for Las Vegas video production, and the same goes for rental houses. The kiddos are in school, studying, or Tweeting, or whatever they do these days... And, mom and dad are jet-bound for various conferences across the country. One of the busiest conference and expo towns in America is right here: fabulous Las Vegas, NV. We here at F11 Rentals are all about teamwork and taking care of our clients. Such was the situation last week, when the boss happily volunteered his time after hours for a delivery to one of our dear friends turned clients on the UNLV campus. We kept our spirits high, and the gear even higher as we delivered on time (as far as we could tell) with smiles on our faces (to distract from the bags under our eyes). If you're in need of the best video production rental gear in Las Vegas, look no further than your amigos here at F11 Rentals. Adios.

F11 Rentals Checks Out New Cars!

Last week, F11 Rentals sent a beloved Canon C300 Mark II over to the Wynn and Encore Resorts where some shiny new cars were being unveiled to some eager spectators. There were pans, tilts, and rack focus action as the super-fast 8.85 Megapixel Super 35mm 16:9 CMOS sensor captured all the action. Coupled with superb Canon L-Series lenses, and an able bodied DP, the footage came out great, and the client was more than happy. Bonus: there were also some celebrities floating around- which is always exciting! For your next Las Vegas video production, look no further than F11 Rentals for the best Las Vegas video rental gear.

It's Better Than It Seems! #edelkrone #timelapse

A little bit ago, we wrote about the new Edelkrone Action and Target Modules that we invested in... Well, time and effort has proven our hopes right; they're awesome!! We've gotten them out and tested them without bias, and we were as pleased as we imagined. The additions to the awesome Edelkrone Slider Plus have shown to be as effective as they have been easy to use. That is why, we are happy to bring this awesome tool to you! Starting post-haste, you fine folks have the option of adding the Action and Target Modules to your Edelkrone rental. We know you'll be as thrilled and excited as we are with this revolutionary product. For all of your Las Vegas video production rental needs, look no further than the best Las Vegas rental house out there: F11 Rentals.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of FiveSix Productions

Courtesy of FiveSix Productions

F11 Rentals Enjoys A Sure Thing

F11 Rentals knows that it's tough out there, and we need you to know that we understand, and we're here for you. That's why we've invested in the Action and Target Modules for our Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro. Math is almost as scary as audio, and it's as useful as snow at a BBQ, that's why Edelkrone has taken almost all math and thinking out of slide moves and time-lapse photography.

In all seriousness, a lot of times, artists want and need to move quickly when inspiration and opportunity strike, and the fine, intelligent folks across the pond at Edelkrone have created amazing pieces of gear to accompany the Edelkrone SliderPlus to enable accurate, precise, and guaranteed slide moves, time-lapses, and everything in between. The intelligent software does all the math and calculations for you! We cannot wait to get the gear out to test it and learn all about it so we can pass the knowledge and gear off to you. We'll let you know when it's available for rent.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

F11 Rentals is the place for Las Vegas video production gear rental.

F11 Rentals Goes Hollywood! #hollywood #californialove #la

At any given time, you can find F11 Rentals gear making cinematic magic all over the country. Recently, a couple of our camera packages made their way out to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, U.S.A! From Hollywood & Vine to the Griffith Observatory, and all points between in the City of Angeles, our gear did it's thing! Our Canon C300 Mark IISony a7S, and DJI Osmo worked in perfect harmony with our Genaray SpectroLED panels and Sennheiser audio gear to get the job done. We can't wait to get back to sunny Southern California, but until then, next time your Las Vegas video production calls for the best video production rental gear in Las Vegas, look no further than F11 Rentals.

New Cases!

We love our Cineo HS2 remote phosphor lights so much, we went out and got some custom cases designed and built just for them! We employed the help of Jason Cases, and they hooked us up with some rugged, durable, customized road cases just for them. The head, ballast, and all the accessories fit perfectly inside. A big thank you to Jason Cases, and we look forward to renting them out, and getting some hours clocked on them.

What a great year!

Wow, what a great crowd! We want to take a quick moment to thank all of our clients and counterparts who made 2016 such a great year! We were stoked to work with some of our long-time clients, and very excited to meet some great, new production professionals from all over the world. We are all rested up from a wonderful holiday season, and ready to get back at it. If your Las Vegas video production calls for some gear, look no further an F11 Rentals for the best deals on the best video production rental gear in Las Vegas.

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

F11 Rentals Hits the Boulevard

F11 Rentals loves the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas Boulevard! We never miss an opportunity to get out there an bask in all the neon glory. Recently, our Canon C300 Mark II went on an exciting excursion to the Venetian, where we got to check out all the fine things that are there to see. From statues to fountains, and everything between, our camera made with the beautiful image capturing, and even managed to get the shots in focus. If you are in need of some amazing imagery, give us a shout, and we'll get your Las Vegas video production started off on the right foot.

F11 Rentals Gets Ahead of the Curve! #luckydragon #lasvegas #vegasbaby

Las Vegas is always on the cusp of the best and brightest, the newest and greatest! The Lucky Dragon Casino is the latest and greatest, the newest and shiniest of hotel/casinos on Las Vegas Blvd., and F11 Rentals was right in the mix of it all! Our Cameras and lighting gear was set up the day before the big opening to help show off some of their great features. We have yet to whip out the ol' party jacket and see what all the fuss is about, but we are sure it'll be pretty awesome when we do. If you're doing some sweet Las Vegas video production, or need the best Las Vegas video rental gear, hit us up, we're happy to help.

Because "talkies" Are All The Rage #sounddevices #audiomixers #soundforfilm

Ever since "The Jazz Singer", people just can't get enough of sound accompanying moving images; and like it or not, it's here to stay. So, if you want some bomb-diggity audio to incorporate into your beautifully shot masterpiece, use the best: Sound Devices 633 or 664. You don't have to actually touch the gear, that's what those brave folks in the audio department are for.

The Day After Tomorrow

So, here we are, the two years of campaigning, debating, name calling, arguing, accusing, smiling, shaking babies and kissing hands, it's all over! I can tell you, we here at F11 Rentals sure will miss all the political commercials- love those! No matter your choice of candidates or stance on issues, we still love you and hope you're still digging 'murica. Whether you're celebrating or mourning yesterday's results, we have just what you need: Las Vegas video production rental gear! That fixes everything! So, grab a DJI Osmo, a RED Epic Dragon, maybe an Arri Tungsten kit, it's all great.

F11 Rentals Plays Well With Others #sonya7sii #lasvegasvideoproduction

While F11 Rentals prides itself on being able to provide complete video production rental gear packages to our clients, we know that many times it's just a few pieces of gear that's needed. It could be that piece of gear that isn't easy to travel with, something that's maybe more unique so fewer people own it, or even that piece of gear that was forgotten. Either way, we are happy to fulfill any request, big or small. One such rental happened last week, where, due to travel restrictions, F11 Rentals was able to outfit a crew with tripods, lighting, audio, and a few miscellaneous pieces of gear. Our gear plays well with others, and is always on it's best behavior, so we knew our client would be pleased with the experience. If you have Las Vegas video production rental gear needs, just give us a shout, and we're happy to help.

F11 Rentals Stacks Some Lights! #lasvegasvideoproducton #productionlife

I'm going to be honest, I'm not really sure what day it is. We here at F11 Rentals have been so busy, we've lost all sense of time and space. I myself have gone as far as considering tattooing my name, phone number, and address on my forearm just to be safe. Either way, we're having a blast getting all our gear into the hands of eager and talented film makers. Just the other day, we sent out a couple of our 1x1 LED Light Panel kits, and received a cool photo of them being stacked (which is one of there cool features). These panel lights are light weight, powerful, and feature a 3200-5600 temp. spectrum. Make sure to schedule a couple for your upcoming Las Vegas video production rental, as they're so versatile and valuable.

An Interesting Take of RED Helium 8K #redcamera #8k #redcinema

In an effort to avoid doing any real work, I was perusing Al Gore's "internet", and came across an interesting article from our friends over at "No Film School".  Mark Toia, advertising photographer turned advertising cinematographer/director, gives us an interesting and informative look into his experiences and opinions of shooting 8K on the new RED Helium. I know FiveSix Productions already brought the Helium up, but this is pretty cool... I'll let the video speak for itself.

Like Mr. Toia said, most people can't tell the difference between 6K and 8K eithout some guidance and/or the proper screen/projector; and content trumps production quality at the end of the day, but the quality and improvement of 8K is very cool. Here's his Vimeo page where you can let your eyes view some of his amazing work. F11 Rentals doesn't have a Helium yet (can't remember where I left my pot of gold), but we do have a fantastic RED Epic Dragon that will do some pretty sweet 6K... if that would work better than your iPhone.... Bill Aylward, looking at you buddy.

Google Images

Google Images