Meet our line of Cinema and Broadcast Cameras.

RED Epic Dragon

The Epic Dragon is our most powerful, and capable offering; and with an upgraded sensor, the Dragon captures imagery up to Full Frame 6K with top quality precision. There's a reason more and more Hollywood features are shooting on RED.

Canon C300 Mark I

If you're shooting for broadcast television, documentaries or high-end corporate, this is the camera you want.  The C300 Mark I gives you superior quality with a cinema style look. It remains a very popular, capable, dependable workhorse.

Canon C300 Mark II

The best just got a whole lot better. Everything you loved about the Mark I, but bigger, bolder, and more powerful. With the ability to shoot up to 4K, it's our new favorite, and we want you to fall in love with it too.



Sony PMW-300

Corporate, convention, ENG, man-on-the-street, this camera has you covered. With the ability to record 50Mbps in MPEG HD422, the PMW-300 meets broadcast standards around the world. It's easy to handle, and very versatile.



Panasonic HPX-500

Often called the workhorse for ENG, the HPX-500 is the standard for corporate and convention work. Now with a Thunderbolt P2 card reader, the workflow has never been faster or easier.  There's a reason this camera has been in our lineup for so long.

Canon 5D Mark II

One of the most popular DSLR cameras in the world, the Canon 5D series has delivered exceptional still and motion images for years. Whether you're working on a budget, or simplifying your project, this HD camera with it's exceptional sensor is sure to satisfy your production needs.


Sony a7S

With a vast dynamic range, incredible low-light capabilities, mirrorless technology, and powerful sensor, the Sony a7S is a great choice. Whether you're coupling it with our DJI Ronin, or using it as your primary camera, you'll be happy with the results.