The Edelkrone Slider Plus will have you asking that question.  It's innovative design gives you unprecedented portability and convenience.  

At just 18" long and 4.5 lbs the Slide Plus has the ability to hold up to a 30 pound camera while giving you 18" inches of travel. With a pop up screw you can mount any camera with a 3/8" connection, or for added versatility and ease you can mount a fluid head to allow for compound move on all axes.

Also included are the Edelkrone Action Module and Edelkrone Target Module. The Action Module gives the user automated slide options ranging from photography and video time lapse, to ultra smooth macro slides, and of course, intelligent cinema slides. The Target Module allows for stand alone or synchronized camera pans ranging from 1-360+ degree pans- your imagination and creativity are the limits.


New: Steady Module: add to the Edelkrone during video records to create extremely smooth moves, the tension adjustment knob allows the user to increase or decrease the speed of the slide, with minimal variation in smoothness.