We have a large selection of grip gear, and our collection just keeps growing, Whether you need a single C47, or our fully loaded 1-ton Grip Sprinter with Driver, we can build the perfect grip package for you. We have one of the largest and most diverse selections in Southern Nevada, and we plan on adding more and more.

  • Century Stands

  • Baby Stands

  • Combo and Hollywood Combo Stands

  • Monitor Stands

  • Menace Arm

  • Speed Rail

  • Dolly Track

  • 8’x8’, 6’x6’, and 4’x4’ Open Frames with various bounces and diffusions.

  • Silks, Flags, Singles, Doubles, Diffusion, Gels

  • Bounce Board, Bounce Card, Reflectors

  • Apple Boxes (Full, Half, Quarter, Pancake)

  • Sand and Shot Bags

  • Clips and Clamps.

  • Cine Dolly